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Stay Healthy & Sane During the Coronavirus Lockdown – Reading Guide

Stay Healthy Coronavirus Lockdown

Many of you are, I suppose, stuck at home due to lockdowns designed to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus…

The present lockdowns are not what any of us want, but they are what we need right now, and they will likely stretch on much longer than we want them to. How do we stay healthy and sane under this imposed social isolation? Here are a few ideas, and some reading recommendations for each idea. Habits that we start now may likely serve us well in whatever future lies beyond this pandemic.

For most of these ideas, you can also likely find a wealth of tips just by doing a little internet searching (but you understand that we’re not The Englewood Review of Internet Knowledge, so of course we’ll be recommending books). Not all these ideas will be possible or good for all readers, so take them with a grain of salt as merely ideas: some good, some bad, some lingering in between.

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1) Pay attention to and heed the guidance of the CDC and local and national government authorities.

We don’t have to like this guidance, but our lives are at stake both personally and at all levels of society, and our short- and long-term health and flourishing as a species hinges on our abilities to follow the wisdom of those who know much more about diseases like this one than any one of us individually does.

Don’t be like Rusty Reno, editor of First Things, with his philosophical hand-wringing that calls these guidances into question.  (I’m not a big fan of Rod Dreher, but I really appreciate his honesty and courage in calling out Reno).

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