Dorothy Sayers Poems – Five of Our Favorites!

Dorothy Sayers poems

This week marks the birthday of the British writer Dorothy Sayers . Sayers is mostly known for her mystery novels and her nonfiction books on faith. But the first books she published were volumes of poetry. 

Here are five of our favorite poems by Dorothy Sayers …

Most of these poems appear in:
Catholic Tales and Christian Songs
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Dorothy Sayers

*** Jesus Christ, the same yesterday
and to-day and for ever.

I SIT within My Father’s house, the Lord God crucified,
My feet upon the altar-stone set straitly side by side,
My knees are mighty to uphold, My hands outstretched to bless,
My eyelids are immutable to judge unrighteousness.

What though the bitter winds of war lay waste the house of prayer?
They cannot shake My quiet robe nor stir My folded hair,
I wrestled in Gethsemane, I cried and I was slain,
Never, for any strife of men, to strive nor cry again.

I sit within My Father’s house, with changeless face to see
The shames and sins that turned away My Father’s face from Me;
Be not amazed for all these things, I bore them long ago
That am from everlasting God, and was and shall be so.

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IMAGE CREDIT: From the cover of the recent Sayers biography, SUBVERSIVE by Crystal Downing



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