Dorothy Sayers Poems – Five of Our Favorites!

Dorothy Sayers poems

This week marks the birthday of the British writer Dorothy Sayers . Sayers is mostly known for her mystery novels and her nonfiction books on faith. But the first books she published were volumes of poetry. 

Here are five of our favorite poems by Dorothy Sayers …

Most of these poems appear in:
Catholic Tales and Christian Songs
(Available to download as a FREE Ebook)

The Carpenter’s Son
Dorothy Sayers

*** And the cedar of the house within was carved
with knops and open flowers, . . . and he overlaid
the cherubims with gold.

I MAKE the wonderful carven beams
Of cedar and oak
To build King Solomon’s house of dreams,
With many a hammer-stroke,
And the gilded, wide-winged cherubims.

I have no thought in My heart but this:
How bright will be My bower
When all is finished; My joy it is
To see each perfect flower
Curve itself up to the tool’s harsh kiss.

How shall I end the thing I planned?
Such knots are in the wood!
With quivering limbs I stoop and stand,
My sweat runs down like blood . . .
I have driven the chisel through My hand.

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IMAGE CREDIT: From the cover of the recent Sayers biography, SUBVERSIVE by Crystal Downing



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