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Against Christian Nationalism: Essential Books [A Reading List]

Against Christian Nationalism Books

Tomorrow is July 4th, the U.S. holiday celebrating the declaration of our independence from Britain, and this year Christian nationalism seems to be on the rise.

US President Donald Trump is scheming up a great celebration of nationalism in Washington D.C., complete with tanks and headlined by a speech by none other than himself, and many Christians seem excited for this celebration. Since our earliest days as a faith on the margins of the Roman Empire, Christianity has been hesitant toward nationalism. Christian nationalism in America is particularly problematic because it has historically been tightly bound with injustices of greed (the conquest of land), violence (militarism), and oppression (of native and black peoples, women, and others). A number of important books challenging Christian nationalism have been published in recent years.

Although we have good reasons to love the geography and human cultures of our nation, these sorts of patriotism too easily get conflated with nationalism. How do we balance our biblical call to love, care for, and seek the welfare of our neighbors with our identity as followers of Jesus, whose reign was not of this world?

Here are a few books challenging Christian nationalism that we’ve found helpful as we wrestle with these questions about faith, politics and nation, and strive to be a faithful community of Christ’s followers.

Against Christian Nationalism BooksResident Aliens: A Provocative Christian Assessment of Culture and Ministry for People Who Know that Something is Wrong

Stanley Hauerwas /
Will Willimon

A accessible, yet challenging introduction to the theological idea that a Christian’s primary identity is to the people of God, and not to a geographical nation.

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  1. Peter Leithart’s Between Babel and Beast would also be an excellent addition to this list.