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Welcome to the homepage for the ERB podcast, an ongoing, thoughtful conversation about the reading life brought to you by the editors and contributors to the Englewood Review of Books. Hosted by Jen Pollock Michel, and joined by a rotating cast of ERB contributors, panelists discuss how they engage in reading, what it means to read well, and of course the books and writers they enjoy. Expect lively discussions about books from all genres, from a rotating group of writers and readers who care about reading well.

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Episode 1 – Introduction – With John Wilson

Episode 2 – With Amy Peterson and Tim Hoiland

Episode 3 – With John Wilson and Stina Kielsmeier-Cook

Episode 4 – With Meghan Florian

Episode 5 – With Ashley Hales Brandon O’Brien (COVID-19 Pandemic – Part 1)

Episode 6 – With Karen Swallow Prior and John Wilson (COVID-19 Pandemic – Part 2)

Episode 7 – With Alex Joyner and Karen Stiller

Episode 8 – With Mitali Perkins and Erin Wasinger (Children’s Literature)

Episode 9 – With Josina Guess and Cara Meredith

Episode 10 – With Esau McCaulley and David W. Swanson

Episode 11 – With Marlena Graves and Tim Soerens

Episode 12 – Roundup – John Wilson, Chris Smith, and Joel Wentz

Episode 13 – Katelyn Beaty and Al Hsu

Episode 14 – Lauren Winner and Marilyn McEntyre

Episode 15 – Tish Harrison Warren and Stina Kielsmeier-Cook

Episode 16 – Laura Fabrycky and Chris Smith

Episode 17 – Amy Peterson and Lee Camp

Episode 18 – Christina Bieber Lake and Matt Mikalatos (Joel Wentz, Host)

Episode 19 – Favorite Books of 2020 (with Sarah Arthur)

Episode 20 – Tania Runyan and Chris Smith

Episode 21 – Diana Gruver and Laura Fabrycky

Episode 22 – Reviewer Round-up: Ope Bukola and Jamie Hughes (Joel Wentz, Host)

Episode 23 – John Pattison and Christie Purifoy

Episode 24 – Editors’ Round-Up (Chris Smith, Erin Wasinger, John Wilson)

Episode 25 – A.J. Swoboda and Nijay Gupta (on Faith and Doubt)

Episode 26 – Lisa Deam and Christiana Peterson (on Christian Mystics)

Episode 27 – ERB Reviewers’ Round-Up: Sarah Blascovich Brown & Erin Feldman on the Inklings and more (Joel Wentz, Host)

Episode 28 – Liuan Huska and Amy Julia Becker

Episode 29 – Diana Butler Bass, David Dark, and Cathleen Falsani (Part 1 of 2)

Episode 30 – Diana Butler Bass, David Dark, and Cathleen Falsani (Part 2 of 2)

Episode 31 – Ashley Hales and Nathan Oates

Episode 32 – Hannah Anderson and Chuck DeGroat

Episode 33 – John Wilson and Tamara Hill Murphy (On Writing Book Reviews)

Episode 34 – Editor Round-Up (with John Wilson and Chris Smith)

Episode 35 – John Swinton and Andrew Root (Advent conversation on Time)

Episode 36 – Nate Pyle and Katy Drage Lines – On Willie Jennings’s Acts Commentary

Episode 37 – Our Favorite Reads of 2021!

Episode 38 – Jamin Goggin and Kyle Strobel

Episode 39 – Beth Allison Barr and Jonathan Brooks – On Hierarchy

Episode 40 – Reviewer Round-up- Justin Cober-Lake and Sara Easterly

Episode 41 – Jessica Hooten Wilson and Karen Swallow Prior

Episode 42 – Reviewer Round-Up: Joshua Livingston and Myles Werntz

Episode 43 – Clarissa Moll and Amanda Held Opelt

Episode 44 – James K.A. Smith and Jen Pollock Michel

Episode 45 – Michael Gorman and Nijay Gupta

Episode 46 – Jon M. Sweeney, Andrew Arndt, and Laura Fabrycky

Episode 47 – Live from CCDA -Alexia Salvatierra and Greg Jarrell

Episode 48 – Katelyn Beaty and Andy Crouch (On Celebrity)

Episode 49 – Live from CCDA – Donna Barber & Michelle Ferrigno Warren

Episode 50 – Our Favorite Books of 2022!!!

Episode 51 – Live from CCDA – Sandra Van Opstal, Robert Chao Romero & Roberto Solis

Episode 52 – Live from CCDA – Mark Strong and Joe Bowling

Episode 53 – Live from Urbana – Jeff Liou, Robert Chao Romero and Al Tizon

Episode 54 – Live from Urbana – Sheila Wise Rowe and Irwyn Ince

Episode 55 – Live from Urbana – James Choung and Don Everts

Episode 56 – Live from Urbana – Marlena Graves and Jason Gaboury

Episode 57 – Live from Urbana – John Inazu and Monty Montgomery

Episode 58 – Live from Urbana – Sam D. Kim and Greg Coles

Episode 59 – Live from Urbana – Terry and Darlene Wildman

Episode 60 – Live from Urbana – Andy Crouch and Wendy Quay

Episode 61 – Live from Urbana – Josh Harper and Lowell Bliss

Episode 62 – Live from Urbana – Sabrina Chan and La Thao

Episode 63 – Live from Urbana – Jeff Clark and Lynda MacGibbon

Episode 64 – Reviewer Round-up with Amy Merrick and Aarik Danielsen

Episode 65 – On Oliver Burkeman’s 4000 Weeks – Jen Pollock Michel, Marilyn McEntyre & Ragan Sutterfield

Episode 66 – Poets Heather Lanier and Katie Manning

Episode 67 – Russell Moore and Karen Swallow Prior

Episode 68 – Matthew Ichihashi Potts and Sophfronia Scott – On Forgiveness

Episode 69 – Live from CCDA 2023 – Soong-Chan Rah and Mark Charles

Episode 70 – Matt Mikalatos and Kathy Khang on Loving Disagreement (2023 Book of the Year!)

Episode 71 – Our Favorite Books of 2023!

Episode 72 – Live from CCDA – Disabling Leadership with Andrea Mae, Jody Michele & Andrew Draper

Episode 73 – Live from CCDA – Centering Discipleship with E.K. Strawser & Lisa Rodriguez-Watson

Episode 74 – David Fitch and Myles Werntz (On Power in the Church)

Episode 75 – Live from CCDA – Stephanie Vander Lugt and Kimberlee Medicine Horn Jackson

Episode 76 – Beyond Justification with Jon DePue


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