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A Deeper Look at Women of the Bible – A Reading Guide

Women of the Bible

March is Women’s History Month, and a crucial part of our history as the Church is the many women who play a vital role in the biblical story …

We are fortunate that recent years have seen a boom in new books that take a deeper look at the women of the Bible .  Here is a reading guide to some of the best ones.  March would be a great time to read one of these books!

A Woman’s Place: House Churches in Earliest Christianity 

Carolyn Osiek /
Margaret Y. MacDonald

Since the house was the physical meeting place for early Christian communities until about the end of the second century, in a very real sense investigation of Roman household life is of paramount significance for the study of early Christianity. In addition to considering a wide range of textual evidence from the New Testament, early church writings, and Roman and Jewish sources, the book aims to take account of Roman archaeological evidence for housing and discusses the importance of issues of space and visibility in shaping the lives of early Christian women. Several aspects of women’s everyday existence will be investigated, including the lives of wives, widows, women and children, female slaves, women as patrons, household leaders, and teachers.

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