Lectionary Poetry – 6th Sunday After Pentecost (Year A)

Lectionary Poetry Trinity Sunday

With the dawn of a new church year, we have launched a new feature on our website, a weekly post of poetry that resonates with the lectionary readings for that week (Revised Common Lectionary).

Lectionary Reading: Psalm 119:105-112



Morning Watch
Henry Vaughan

O joys! Infinite sweetness! with what flowers
And shoots of glory, my soul breaks and buds!
                All the long hours
                Of night and Rest,
                Through the still shrouds
                Of sleep, and Clouds,
        This Dew fell on my Breast;
                O how it Bloods,
And Spirits all my Earth! hark! in what Rings,
And Hymning Circulations the quick world
                Awakes, and sings!
                The rising winds,
                And falling springs,
                Birds, beasts, all things
        Adore him in their kinds.
                Thus all is hurl’d
In sacred Hymns and Order; the great Chime
And Symphony of nature. Prayer is
                The world in tune,
                A spirit-voice,
                And vocal joys,
        Whose Echo is heaven’s bliss.
                O let me climb
When I lie down! The Pious soul by night
Is like a clouded star, whose beams, though said
                To shed their light
                Under some Cloud,
                Yet are above,
                And shine and move
        Beyond that misty shroud.
                So in my Bed,
That Curtained grave, though sleep, like ashes, hide
My lamp and life, both shall in thee abide.

*** This poem is in the public domain,
  and may be read in a live-streamed worship service.


Faisal Mohyuddin


you cleanse
then stand
of prayer
the uncovered
of your body
at the foot
mats facing


on Poetry Unbound, from On Being


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