Hafez Poems – Eight of Our Favorites from the Divan of Hafez ( In English )

Hafez Poems

Hafez (also known as Hafiz ) is one of our favorite mystical Sufi poets …

We remember his work with eight of our favorite Hafez poems from one of his best known works of poetry — The Divan of Hafez ( translated into English by Gertrude Lowthian Bell ) [available as a FREE ebook here ] …


Poetry Books
by Hafiz


Forget Not When Dear Friend
to Friend Returned

English translation by Gertrude Lowthian Bell

Forget not when dear friend to friend returned.
Forget not days gone by, forget them not I
My mouth has tasted bitterness, and learned
To drink the envenomed cup of mortal lot
Forget not when a sweeter draught was mine,
Loud rose the songs of them that drank that wine
Forget them not!

Forget not loyal lovers long since dead.
Though faith and loyalty should be forgot,
Though the earth cover the enamoured head,
And in the dust wisdom and passion rot.
My friends have thrust me from their memory ;
Vainly a thousand thousand times I cry :
Forget me not!

Weary I turn me to my bonds again.
Once there were hands strong to deliver me.
Forget not when they broke a poor slave’s chain !
Though from mine eyes tears flow unceasingly,
I think on them whose rose gardens are set
Beside the Zindeh Rud, and I forget
Life’s misery.

Sorrow has made her lair in my breast,
And xmdisturbed she lies—forget them not
That drove her forth like to a hunted beast
Hafiz, thou and thy tears shall be forgot,
Lock fast the gates of thy sad heart ! But those
That held the key to thine unspoken woes
Forget them not!

*** What are some of your favorite Hafez poems ?


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