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Marilynne Robinson – 10 Freely Available Essays!

Marilynne Robinson Essays

Sunday Nov. 26 is the birthday of Marilynne Robinson, the renowned novelist and essayist!

The next collection of Marilynne Robinson essays — to be released in 2018 — is What Are We Doing Here?: Essays

In anticipation of this essay collection, we offer the following list of ten of the finest Marilynne Robinson essays that can be read in full online!

You will find the title essay of this forthcoming collection (which first appeared in The NY Review of Books) near the end of this list… Enjoy these essays!!!

Top 10 Online Recordings
of Marilynne Robinson

Rachel Marie Stone’s Essay
in Appreciation of Robinson



via The Yale Center for Faith and Culture

Happiness as an actual state of being is chimerical, evanescent, suspect. At the same time, as an idea or an ideal it is very potent indeed. In this it resembles other great abstractions, for example, love, justice, truth and holiness. A significant part of the world’s recorded thought treats of the questions that surround concepts like these. It was love that burned the towers of Ilium. A fierce, cold, cosmic justice tormented Thebes and overrode the merely human justice Oedipus set out to restore. No account of truth or holiness has ever been conclusive. This fact by itself should be taken as important information about the mind and the world it inhabits.


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