Featured Reviews, VOLUME 4

Featured: Sacrilege by Hugh Halter [Vol. 4, #26]

“Engaging Jesus Relationally”

A Review of
Sacrilege:  Finding Life in the Unorthodox Ways of Jesus
By Hugh Halter

Review by Kevin Book-Satterlee.

Sacrilege - Hugh HalterSacrilege:
Finding Life in the Unorthodox Ways of Jesus

Hugh Halter.
Paperback: Baker Books, 2011.
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Somehow the church became uninspiring and ineffective for restoration.  It lost its mission, its purpose and its life.  Sure people claim to follow Jesus, and many know about him, but few were inspired to live a life as a disciple.  Hugh Halter in his books takes the church and tosses it into the air, letting the chaff blow with the wind.  From there he takes the seeds of good grain that fall, and that is what he uses to engage the kingdom.

Halter bases his recent book, Sacrilege:  Finding Life in the Unorthodox Ways of Jesus, on Matthew’s account of the Sermon on the Mount.  Halter doesn’t expound much on the text, but uses it as a framework for demonstrating Jesus’s unorthodoxy, and all the more how his unorthodoxy applies to being disciples in the church now.  Halter has a salty personality, which comes out in the book.  For some it could be offensive, but for others, it is his charm.  Likely, it is by living the paradox of cantankerousness and compassion that Halter wins many friends and many enemies.  It is both his prophetic rants and his honest struggle to be more compassionate that makes his readers want to be a part of the church again because Halter makes discipleship passionate and above all, purposeful.

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