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Ernest Gaines – Remembering a Great American Writer – Obituary

Ernest Gaines Obituary

Ernest Gaines, one of America’s most underappreciated novelists, died yesterday at the age of 86. We remember his life and honor his work with this obituary …

Ernest Gaines’s Friendship
with Wendell Berry

Both writers spoke highly of each other, and remained friends until the end of Gaines’s life.

Wendell Berry Poem:
“A Letter (to Ernest J. Gaines)”


Gaines on Berry and the Land
( from
Ernest J. Gaines: Conversations)


Berry on Gaines from the Essay
“American Imagination and the Civil War”

In a time when the provincial fear of provinciality has brought
the local into suspicion, Ernest Gaines has been true to his place,
his people, and their story. He has shown that the local, fully
imagined, becomes universal. He has brought his place and his
people to such a pitch of realization that again and again as I read
him he seems to speak also for me and mine. He has done this in
a language like no other, belonging to a place like no other.
(READ THE FULL ESSAY, the passage on Gaines is on p. 16-17)


Three Novels
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