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The Best C.S. Lewis Biography (And Other Biographies /Companion Guides)!

C.S. Lewis Biography

Here are our favorite biographies and companion guides to C.S. Lewis’s work.

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8.  Remembering C.S. Lewis: Recollections of Those Who Knew Him
James Como, Ed.


In this intimate, candid, and sometimes surprising community biography of the celebrated author and Christian apologist, twenty-four men and women who knew C.S. Lewis–as teacher, colleague, friend–offer their reminiscences and impressions of the complex man behind the critical and academic acclaim. Through their recollections, we see “Jack” Lewis dazzling Oxford as he takes on atheists, materialists, and a host of other challengers. Most poignantly, we see him in everyday settings: striding up and down the platform at a railroad station, presiding over leisurely dinners with students, expounding on the virtues of the pub.


9. Owen Barfield on C. S. Lewis
G.B. Tennyson, Ed.


Lewis called Barfield the “wisest and best of my unofficial teachers”; to Barfield, C. S. Lewis was “the absolutely unforgettable friend.” They had been friends and disputants from their Oxford days after the First World War until Lewis’s death forty years later. Barfield was his solicitor and trustee in the later years. This is vintage Barfield as well as an astute appraisal of C. S. Lewis’s personality and beliefs. In essays, interviews, several poems, and a fragment of fiction, Barfield writes of “the individual essence” of C. S. Lewis, his brilliance, his “absolute honesty of mind,” his lack of interest in collectivities-races, nations, movements-his interest only in the individual soul, his “irrepressible bent for comedy,” his “keenness in pursuing any point of difference or doubt to its final conclusion.

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Image Credit: From the cover to the excellent book A Life Observed: A Spiritual Biography of C. S. Lewis by Devin Brown. Buy it now!)

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