Poetry, VOLUME 6

William Butler Yeats – Friends [Poem]

William Butler Yeats

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William Butler YeatsNow must I these three praise–
Three women that have wrought
What joy is in my days;
One that no passing thought,
Nor those unpassing cares,
No, not in these fifteen
Many times troubled years,
Could ever come between
Heart and delighted heart;
And one because her hand
Had strength that could unbind
What none can understand,

What none can have and thrive,
Youth’s dreamy load, till she
So changed me that I live
Labouring in ecstasy.
And what of her that took
All till my youth was gone
With scarce a pitying look?
How should I praise that one?
When day begins to break
I count my good and bad,
Being wakeful for her sake,
Remembering what she had,
What eagle look still shows,
While up from my heart’s root
So great a sweetness flows
I shake from head to foot.


This poem is found in William Butler Yeats’ book The Green Helmet and Other Poems
(Available as a FREE ebook download in a variety of formats: Kindle, Nook, etc from Project Gutenberg)

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