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Timothy Kurek – The Cross in The Closet [Discuss]

Writer Timothy Kurek was on ABC’s The View today discussing his new book:

The Cross in the Closet.
Timothy Kurek
Paperback: BlueHead Publishing, 2012.
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This book details Kurek’s one-year experiment of pretending to be a gay man.  In the clip below, he likens his endeavor to John Howard Griffin’s classic book Black Like Me. Watch the clip below and discuss in the comments below.  Is this project helpful in the light it sheds on the gay experience? Exploitative?  Both?

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  1. Exploitative, though I am 85% sure this guy is actually gay.

  2. This is how a Christian should love – literally walking in an other’s shoes. I look forward to reading this book. Thank you for leading by example Timothy.

  3. Hm, an interesting attempt at empathy (if not mostly a marketing gimmick?)? It made me curious enough to download the book . . .

    • Yes, that’s the rub… If it is mostly a marketing gimmick, is it *really* empathetic at all? ~Chris

    • It kinda frustrates me. My way of learning empathy involves talking with glbt friends honestly and confessionally as a straight cisgendered male. I don’t think what he did was a complete waste or anything–I hope and pray his book changes perspectives. But there is something false about his approach.