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Thomas Traherne Poems – Five Favorites by the English Poet-Priest!

Thomas Traherne poems

Today (Oct. 10) marks the anniversary of the death of English poet and priest, Thomas Traherne…

We honor the occasion with five excellent Thomas Traherne poems …

Thomas Traherne (1636? – 1674) was an English poet, clergyman, theologian, and religious writer.  Traherne’s poems frequently explore the glory of creation and what he perceived as his intimate relationship with God. His writing conveys an ardent, almost childlike love of God, and is compared to similar themes in the works of later poets William Blake, Walt Whitman, and Gerard Manley Hopkins.  (via Wikipedia)

*** Books by Thomas Traherne


The Apprehension
Thomas Traherne

Found in:
The Poetical Works of Thomas Traherne
(FREE Ebook Available via Google Books)

If this I did not every moment see,
And if my thoughts did stray
At any time, or idly play,
And fix on other objects, yet
This Apprehension set
In me
Was all my whole felicity.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Thomas Traherne (Stained Glass at Hereford Cathedral by Tom Denny). Creative Commons License via Wikimedia Commons.


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