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Shannon Craigo-Snell – Disciplined Hope – Intro Video

Shannon Craigo-Snell Disciplined HopeThis is a timely and helpful new book…

Disciplined Hope:
Prayer, Politics, and Resistance

Shannon Craigo-Snell

Paperback: Cascade Books, 2019
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Book Description:

In a time of political turmoil, how should we pray? What is the role of prayer in resisting politics that are based on hatred and division? This book claims prayer as a way to choose hope over fear.

Beginning soon after the Inauguration in 2017, Shannon Craigo-Snell offered brief, daily prayers lifting up people and groups who were actively working for the common good. These prayers, collected here, provide a historical record of the rhetorical and political outrages of the first year of the Trump Administration, as well as the actions of those who resisted. They remember the small victories, averted disasters, and ongoing struggles of people of good will. They affirm not only the practical value of political involvement, but also the spiritual value of such engagement in solidarity with those most vulnerable to destructive policies.

In addition to these daily prayers, this book offers an introduction and invitation to prayer. Intercessory prayer, in particular, can bridge divides between religious traditions and cultural differences, creating a space in which diverse communities can hope together for a better world.


*** Powerful Words from
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
for the Trump Era


Watch Shannon Craigo-Snell
introduce the book in this video:

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