Poetry, VOLUME 2

Poem: Kevin Book-Satterlee “Land of No Imagination” [Vol. 2, #9]

Land of No Imagination

Kevin Book-Satterlee

Out to enjoy exhilaration
Adventure on two wheels
I find myself riding
Pedal over pedal into the wind
Thunder-pumping in suburban utopia
With my tight jersey shirt

I turn those carbon fiber wheels round
Three hundred yards to the next red light
Surrounded by generic paradise
Complete with its drive through Starbucks
(The third one in my 10 minute journey)
The fleets of SUV’s whiz by
Allowing enough cushion for me to ride safely
Safety, space, cushion, ease
I am adventuring in an insufferable land
One of no imagination.

(c) 2007, Kevin Book-Satterlee. Used with permission.
Kevin Book-Satterlee:  http://www.getok.net/poetry/

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