Lectionary Poetry – Transfiguration Sunday (Year A)

Lectionary Poetry Advent

Each week we carefully curate a collection of  poems that resonate with the lectionary readings for that week (Narrative Lectionary and Revised Common Lectionary).

*** Narrative Lectionary ***

Lectionary Reading:  Matthew 16:24-17:8



The Transfiguration
Samuel Greg

Stay, Master, stay upon this heavenly hill
A little longer, let us linger still;
With these two mighty ones of old beside,
Near to the Awful Presence still abide;
Before the throne of light we trembling stand,
And catch a glimpse into the spirit-land.

Stay, Master, stay! we breathe a purer air;
This life is not the life that waits us there:
Thoughts, feelings, flashes, glimpses come and go;
We cannot speak them—nay, we do not know;
Wrapt in this cloud of light we seem to be
The thing we fain would grow—eternally.

“No!” saith the Lord, “the hour is past,—we go;
Our home, our life, our duties lie below.
While here we kneel upon the mount of prayer,
The plough lies waiting in the furrow there;
Here we sought God that we might know His will;
There we must do it,—serve Him,—seek Him still.”

If man aspires to reach the throne of God,
O’er the dull plains of earth must lie the road.
He who best does his lowly duty here,
Shall mount the highest in a nobler sphere:
At God’s own feet our spirits seek their rest,
And he is nearest Him who serves Him best.

*** This poem is in the public domain,
and may be read in a live-streamed worship service.



Malcolm Guite

Found in:
Sounding the Seasons


For that one moment, ‘in and out of time’,
On that one mountain where all moments meet,
The daily veil that covers the sublime
In darkling glass fell dazzled at his feet.



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