Lectionary Poetry – 7th Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Lectionary Poetry Trinity Sunday

With the dawn of a new church year, we have launched a new feature on our website, a weekly post of poetry that resonates with the lectionary readings for that week (Revised Common Lectionary).

*** Narrative Lectionary ***

Lectionary Reading:
Galatians 3:1-9, 23-29



The Burdens of All
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

We may sigh o’er the heavy burdens
   Of the black, the brown and white;
But if we all clasped hands together
   The burdens would be more light.
How to solve life’s saddest problems,
   Its weariness, want and woe,
Was answered by One who suffered
   In Palestine long ago.

He gave from his heart this precept,
   To ease the burdens of men,
“As ye would that others do to you
   Do ye even so to them.”
Life’s heavy, wearisome burdens
   Will change to a gracious trust
When men shall learn in the light of God
   To be merciful and just.

Where war has sharpened his weapons,
   And slavery masterful had,
Let white and black and brown unite
   To build the kingdom of God.
And never attempt in madness
   To build a kingdom or state,
Through greed of gold or lust of power,
   On the crumbling stones of hate.

The burdens will always he heavy,
   The sunshine fade into night,
Till mercy and justice shall cement
   The black, the brown and the white.
And earth shall answer with gladness,
   The herald angel’s refrain,
When “Peace on earth, good will to men”
   Was the burden of their strain.

*** This poem is in the public domain, 
  and may be read in a live-streamed worship service.

Maya Angelou


You declare you see me dimly
through a glass which will not shine,
though I stand before you boldly,
trim in rank and marking time.



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