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John Wilson
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Summer Nights, Walking:
Along the Colorado Front Range, 1976-1982

Robert Adams

Revised and expanded edition,
Aperture/Yale University Art Gallery, 2009.
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In 1985, the photographer Robert Adams published a book called Summer Nights; a revised and expanded edition appeared in 2009. Here is his preface to the new edition:

We remember from childhood the beauty and peace of summer evenings, and we long to believe that what we saw then is timeless. It was this hope that guided my selection of pictures for the first version of this book, Summer Nights, in 1985.

In recent years, however, when I looked again at the photographs that I might have chosen but did not, it has seemed to me that if I had included a wider variety, the result would have been, though less harmonious, more convincing, closer to our actual experience of wonder, anxiety, and stillness.

The prayer by William Blake [“To the Evening Star”] that prefaced the original book remains, I believe, appropriate for this revision and expansion, acknowledging as it does the splendor of the Creation but also the reality of the wolf and the lion.


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  1. I’ve been hunting for a good book on walking and bought Beneath My Feet based on John Wilson’s recommendation. I appreciate his helpful review.