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George Macdonald – Starting to Read His Work

Today marks the anniversary of the death of George Macdonald.

Although I was familiar with Macdonald’s name through the work of C.S. Lewis before I went to college, it was as a student of David Neuhouser at Taylor University that I was immersed into Macdonald’s work. I was particular captivated by his fantasy stories, and his non-fiction.  I was much less enthralled by his general fiction, which although it explored many rich themes, often veered into Scottish dialects and like other Victorian novels of his day, was abundantly wordy.  (There are editions that have been edited into contemporary English by Michael Phillips, but the editing renders them sounding too much like Christian romance novels by Michael Phillips for my tastes!)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with George Macdonald’s work — you should be — so, here is a brief guide to lead you into the thick of his work.

Which books have you read? Which have impacted you most?


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Next Book

George MacDonald: An Anthology 365 Readings

by C.S. Lewis

Lewis’s anthology serves as a perfect portal into reading Macdonald’s work, offering samples of a wide variety of his writings.  It also helps that with Lewis as curator, there is a strong emphasis in this collection on themes of Christian faith in Macdonald’s work.

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  1. Love his work, and that includes the Vic Lit for me. Finest teacher and preacher i have ever known.