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Football and Brain Trauma – Recommended Books

Football Brain Trauma Books

As the Super Bowl draws near, the books on this reading list challenge us to take critical look at football and the brain trauma many players have experienced …

I used to be a big football fan, often spending large chunks of my Sundays enjoying NFL games. But the more I heard and read about brain injuries and trauma, the less enthused I was about the sport. Today I rarely watch a full game, and have mostly lost interest in the sport.

Here’s some excellent books that present the research on brain injuries and tell the stories of former football players: 

Football Brain Trauma Books

Head Games: Football’s Concussion Crisis from the NFL to Youth Leagues

Christopher Nowinski


Few people realize that most NFL players are suffering multiple concussions during their career, and shocking new studies reveal that these players suffer higher rates of depression, cognitive disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease. But the true concussion crisis is in youth sports, where children die every year and many more are impaired for life. The author shows parents, players, and coaches what a concussion is, how to identify its symptoms, and when it is safe to return to the field. Most important, he shows how the game whould be changed before anyone else’s life is altered forever.

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