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Football and Brain Trauma – Recommended Books

Football Brain Trauma Books

As the Super Bowl draws near, the books on this reading list challenge us to take critical look at football and the brain trauma many players have experienced …

I used to be a big football fan, often spending large chunks of my Sundays enjoying NFL games. But the more I heard and read about brain injuries and trauma, the less enthused I was about the sport. Today I rarely watch a full game, and have mostly lost interest in the sport.

Here’s some excellent books that present the research on brain injuries and tell the stories of former football players: 

Football Brain Trauma Books

Play Hard, Die Young: Football Dementia, Depression, and Death

Bennet Omalu

(Neo-Forenxis Press)

Why do so many retired NFL players lose their hard-earned millions and end up destitute? Why are football players three to five times more likely to develop major depression than their fans? The answer is gridiron dementia, permanent brain damage caused by blows to the head during games or practice. Forensic neuropathologist Bennet Omalu, MD, explains the science of brain trauma, offers practical solutions, and recounts the moving stories of the lives—and tragic deaths—of NFL stars cut down by gridiron dementia. Dr. Omalu launches a national effort to alert players, parents, coaches, trainers, and school administrators to the dangers of repeated concussions. His book offers common-sense answers and practical solutions for overcoming this epidemic now The threat of gridiron dementia—permanent brain damage caused by blows to the head during football—is real and can happen to you or your child. This book will teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones by answering questions such as, How can players’ families recognize the signs and symptoms of this disease before it’s too late? What should parents and grandparents say to their teens or preteens who want to play football? Which players are at risk? Will high school and college players eventually develop the same disease, perhaps years from now?


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