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E. Nesbit – Five Favorite Poems

E. Nesbit

Tomorrow (August 15) marks the birthday of novelist and poet E. Nesbit …

E. Nesbit is one of the lesser-known influences on C.S. Lewis’s Narnia:

“Lewis was deeply indebted to E. Nesbit, not only in matters of plot, character and image, but even in small details of phrasing. When he set out to write his Chronicles of Narnia, he though of them as being Nesbit books: as belonging to a type or genre practised by E. Nesbit. In many respects the Narnia books begin where the Nesbit books leave off: The Magician’s Nephew, the first of the series, begins with an allusion to Nesbit.”
– Mervyn Nicholson, “What C.S. Lewis took from E. Nesbit

We honor the occasion with five of our favorite poems by her…

by E. Nesbit

At Evening Time

E. Nesbit

Songs of Love and Empire
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And then God bade our marsh put on
Its holy vestment of fine gold;
From marge to marge the glory shone
On lichened farm and fence and fold;
In the gold sky that walled the west,
In each transfigured stone and tree,
The glory of God was manifest,
Plain for a little child to see!

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IMAGE CREDIT: Cover detail from the book The Extraordinary Life of E.  Nesbit by Elisabeth Galvin [ Learn More

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