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Dinner Church – A Reading Guide

Dinner Church Reading Guide

Dinner Church, church gatherings centered around sharing a meal together, has been rising in prominence over the last few years. In these churches, the Eucharist is not a symbolic meal, but rather a full, literal meal and the time of worship is woven through the time of sharing food and conversation together.

Here is a dinner church reading guide — books that offer a look into the stories, theology, and practice of dinner church. 

Dinner Church Reading Guide

Dinner Church: Building Bridges by Breaking Bread

Verlon Fosner

Christianity is the greatest rescue project the world has ever seen, yet many churches across America are shrinking instead of growing. After spending 18 years as a pastor in highly secularized Seattle, Verlon Fosner began to realize that the church had a sociological problem. While outreach efforts to find new wine were genuine, the church’s old wineskin was brittle and leaking. In other words, the traditional ways of doing church were not capable of housing a new wine that would be necessary to compel a secular culture to Jesus.

Somewhere in this struggle, Fosner and his leadership team began to consider the way church as done during the first three centuries, and the sociological implications of doing church around dinner tables. Inviting someone to a dinner with Jesus is a very different thing that inviting them to a worship/teaching event on a Sunday morning at a religious campus.

In Dinner Church: Building Bridges by Breaking Bread, Verlon Fosner unveils how the ancient dinner church was rebirth in his Seattle community and how that vision changed his congregation forever. These pages also offer a compelling case for why many churches would do well to pause and see the pockets of lost people within the shadow of their steeples, and consider how a Jesus dinner table might open up a door to heaven for those neighbors. Revelation 3:20 makes it clear that Jesus still wants to have dinner with sinners. That likely means he wants his church to set the table.


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