Dec. 30 – Matt de la Peña – Milo Imagines the World [Christmas Calendar]

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Milo Imagines the WorldMilo Imagines the World
Matt de la Peña /
Christian Robinson (Illus.)

Hardback: GP Putnam, 2021
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The elements at work in Milo Imagines the World should, potentially, work for any number of books out there. Instead, this is the book that I continue to think about long after I’ve put it down or read it to my kids. The internet, that brain outside our brains, relies so heavily on snap judgments. People are heroes or villains. The world is black or white. And all that complexity that makes up a human being gets ironed out on the digital page. Sometimes, it’s the picture books that prove to be the best corrective. Read this book to a child when you yourself need to remember that the world is full of horrible, wonderful, complicated people and that there are millions of their stories out there just waiting to be learned.


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