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Charles Williams – Five Excellent Poems !

Charles Williams Poems

Today (Sept. 20) is the birthday of the Inkling Charles Williams, born 1886…

Although Charles Williams is perhaps best known as a novelist and Inkling (along with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, and others), he was also a poet who published several collections of poems …

We honor the birthday of Charles Williams with five excellent poems by him…

*** These poems were published in
Charles William’s 1917 book
Poems of Conformity
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At Easter
Charles Williams

The kings and lords took up their swords
And compassed Me about :
The slaves desired to see My woe,
The freemen mocked My overthrow,
The women cast Me out.

On Me that hour the cross had power,
I stretched My hands to Death.
Strong in his ancient pride he came,
And in My arms he heard My name;
Man’s doom no more he saith.

For now I walk while many talk
In Babel of hard speech,
At even on the bridge I built,
Whereon of late My blood was spilt
By all men and for each.

Though creed on creed be raised at need,
And shattered soon, of right,
Yet still I teach by sure degrees
The rulers of the Pharisees,
Who come to Me by night.

Though age on age the peoples rage,
The kings of earth stand up,
Yet still within the upper room I bless,
I break the Bread of doom,
I bless, I pass the Cup.

Though nations be at enmity,
And battle do not cease,
Neighbour with neighbour be at feud,
Yet still I move in quietude,
And where I go is peace.

Though earth be still in depth of ill.
And dream of Me in scorn.
For Me there strive the faint, the dead,
The marshals of My host are led
By crying babes new-born.

As a clear star the ages are ;
The night is, and they pass.
But till ye walk and listen here,
Ye are but shaken in their fear,
As in the wind the grass.


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IMAGE CREDIT: Detail from the cover of Charles Williams: The Third Inkling by Grevel Lindop. [ Buy Now ]

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