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Book Giveaway! Collected Essays of N.T. Wright (2 Winners of this 3 Vol. Set)

N.T. Wright Book Giveaway

We have an extraordinary book giveaway to offer you!
Two winners will get a copy of the brand new N.T. Wright Collected Essays set, 3 lovely hardcover volumes ($135 value).


Collected Essays of N.T. Wright
(1) Interpreting Scripture (2) Interpreting Paul (3) Interpreting Jesus

Hardback – 3 volumes: Zondervan Academic, 2020.

Collected Essays of N. T. Wright brings together N. T. Wright’s most important articles on Scripture and hermeneutics, Jesus and the Gospels, and Paul and his Letters over the last three decades. Here is a rich feast for all serious students of the New Testament. Each essay in this three-volume collection will amply reward those looking for detailed, incisive, and exquisitely nuanced exegesis, resulting in a clearer, deeper and more informed appreciation of Scripture and its application to Christian life and thought today.


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