Conversations, VOLUME 5

Best Books of the First Half of 2012!

Looking for some summer reading?

Here are our picks for the best books of the year so far…

(Sorted alphabetically by title… We’ve provided links to our review where possible)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Compassion, Inc.: How Corporate America Blurs the Line Between What We Buy, Who We Are, and Those We Help
    Mara Einstein. [ Read our review ]
    Buy now: [ Amazon ]  [ Kindle ]
  • Imagine: How Creativity Works
    Jonah Lehrer
    [ Read our review ] Buy now: [ Amazon ]  [ Kindle ]
  • Junia is not Alone:Breaking Our Silence About Women in the Bible and in the Church Today
    Scot McKnight [ Read our review ] Buy now: [ Kindle ]
  • Living with Other Creatures: Green Exegesis and Theology
    Richard Bauckham. [ Read our review ]
    Buy now: [ Amazon ]
  • The Rule of Saint Benedict: A Contemporary Paraphrase
    Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove [ Reviewed in the Eastertide 2012 issue ] Buy now:  [ Amazon ]  [ Kindle ]

**** AND, in case you missed it,
our most popular post on the website so far in 2012 has been:

Flannery O’Connor – Listen to Rare Recordings!

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What are your picks for the best books of the year so far?

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  1. Interesting list — I’ve read Diana’s book and Daniel Kirk’s.  Both excellent!