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Academy of Parish Clergy – 2013 Books of the Year

Academy of Parish Clergy

I had the honor last year of representing the ERB at the Academy of Parish Clergy annual conference.

The Academy has recently named their 2013 Books of the Year, and we are proud to announce them here!

The Book of the Year and Reference Book of the Year Awards will be made at the Annual Conference of the Academy, February 19-21, 2013, at the Canterbury Retreat and Conference Center, Orlando, FL.

[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”1455513962″ locale=”us” height=”333″ src=”” width=”222″ alt=”Academy of Parish Clergy” ] [easyazon-link asin=”1455513962″ locale=”us”]Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?: Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World[/easyazon-link]

The 2013 Book of the Year Award goes to Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?: A Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World by Brian D. McLaren (Jericho Press). The Book of the Year Award is given to the best book published for parish ministry in the previous year.

[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”0801039312″ locale=”us” height=”333″ src=”” width=”221″] [easyazon-link asin=”0801039312″ locale=”us”]New Testament, The: A Historical and Theological Introduction[/easyazon-link]

The Reference Book of the Year Award is given to The New Testament: A Historical and Theological Introduction by Donald A. Hagner (Baker Academic Press).

In addition to the Book of the Year, the Academy has selected the following books as the Top Ten Books for Parish Ministry published in 2012.

[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”0891121099″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”107″] [easyazon-link asin=”0891121099″ locale=”us”]A Woman Called: Piecing Together the Ministry Puzzle[/easyazon-link] by Sara Gaston Barton
(ACU Press)
[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”0062003739″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”109″] [easyazon-link asin=”0062003739″ locale=”us”]Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening[/easyazon-link]

by Diana Butler Bass

[ Review … ]

[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”0802867162″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”107″] [easyazon-link asin=”0802867162″ locale=”us”]Dementia: Living in the Memories of God[/easyazon-link] by John Swinton
[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”0827221703″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”107″] [easyazon-link asin=”0827221703″ locale=”us”]Leading Congregations through Crisis[/easyazon-link] by Gregory Hunt
(Chalice Press)
[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”1587433230″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”103″] [easyazon-link asin=”1587433230″ locale=”us”]Speaking of Dying: Recovering the Church’s Voice in the Face of Death[/easyazon-link]

by Fred Craddock, Dale Goldsmith, and Joy V. Goldsmith
(Brazos Press)

[ Review… ]

[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”0061768111″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”108″] [easyazon-link asin=”0061768111″ locale=”us”]Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis[/easyazon-link] by Lauren Winner
[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”0061875708″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”107″] [easyazon-link asin=”0061875708″ locale=”us”]The Power of Parable: How Fiction by Jesus Became Fiction about Jesus[/easyazon-link] by John Dominic Crossan
[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”0807835722″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”108″] [easyazon-link asin=”0807835722″ locale=”us”]The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America[/easyazon-link]

by Edward Blum and Paul Harvey
(UNC Press)

[ Review… ]

[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”0802866352″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”108″] [easyazon-link asin=”0802866352″ locale=”us”]The Gospel of John: A Commentary[/easyazon-link] by Frederick Brunner
[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”1455514314″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”107″] [easyazon-link asin=”1455514314″ locale=”us”]Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate[/easyazon-link]

by Justin Lee
(Jericho Books)

[ Review… ]

Thanks to the Academy of Parish Clergy for this list of excellent books!


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C. Christopher Smith is the founding editor of The Englewood Review of Books. He is also author of a number of books, including most recently How the Body of Christ Talks: Recovering the Practice of Conversation in the Church (Brazos Press, 2019). Connect with him online at:

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  1. John Swinton’s book is a must for anyone with an interest in church mission, particularly to people with dementia, their family, friends and carers. Every minister, pastor and priest should read it