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25 Theologians to Follow on Twitter!

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are taking a fair bit of criticism these days, and much of it is warranted. But one of the more worthwhile uses I’ve found for Twitter is to follow theologians on Twitter and to engage in conversation with them.

Theology is a conversation, and these days the conversation isn’t just limited to books or the halls of the academy. Today, anyone with a Twitter account can engage online with some of the finest theologians of our day.

Here are some of our favorite theologians * to follow on Twitter:

They represent a broad range of perspectives, and you likely won’t agree with any of them all the time, but they all are worth listening to. (We’ve limited this list to living theologians who primarily tweet in English — Sorry, @LeonardoBoff — and who are relatively active on Twitter — Sorry, @ProfRah.)
* We use the label “theologians” broadly here. All of the scholars featured below do theology in the broad sense of helping us understand God, the scriptural stories about God, and how we best live into the way of God. Not of them are theologians in the narrow academic sense, some are biblical scholars, some are ethicists, etc.


In alphabetical order of their Twitter handle:

(Or we’ve created a list where you
can follow along with the conversation.)

Christena Cleveland
Director of the Center for Justice + Renewal, professor @dukedivinity, social psychologist, public theologian, serving resistance

Daniel P. Horan, OFM
Franciscan Friar | Catholic priest | Theologian | Runner |
@ChicagoCTU Professor | @NCRonline columnist | @FrancisFXpod co-host

Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes
Author of Too Heavy a Yoke: Black Women and the Burden of Strength | She/Her

Eboni Marshall Turman
Asst Professor @Yale l Author of Toward a Womanist Ethic l
Baptist preacher l Arts maniac l #1 Auntie I
Black philanthropy I Black excellence.

David Fitch
Husband/dad, C&MA pastor, author,
Anabaptist holiness evangelical missional theologian,
church planter, professor at @nseminary, work for @FExpressionsUS .


Grace Ji-Sun Kim
Author 16 Books:PlanetarySolidarity;
MotherDaughterSpeak; Embracing the Other;
InterculturalMinistry; HereIAm; GraceOfSopha,
Prof ESR, speaker, minister, Mom of 3

Greg Boyd
Theologian, teacher, author, drummer (NDY),
& power metal addict. Greg & Shelley have
been married 39 yrs, have 3 adult children,
& 5 ADORABLE grand children.

James K.A. Smith
Philosophy, Calvin College; editor in chief,
@Image_Journal; author of ON THE ROAD WITH

J. Kameron Carter
Indiana Univ. Black studies, poetry & performance,
relg & theology. Author, Race: A Theological Account;
on the way, Black Rapture: A Poetics of the Sacred

Joel B. Green
The first step is a close
reading of the text…

Jonathan L. Walton
Harvard University: Plummer Professor of
Christian Morals; Screen addicted dad;
Positive tweeter, Lover of ATL Falcons;
Instagram & Facebook: @jonathanlwalton

Kate Bowler
Professor @DukeDivinity + @FaithLeadership Author
+ Podcast Host of #EverythingHappens
for a Reason (and Other Lies I’ve Loved).
Incurable optimist.

Latinx Theology
Highlighting the lived experience
and theological reflection of U.S. Latinxs.
Committed to the Catholic faith,
ecumenism, interfaith dialogue.

Dr Maggi Dawn
Socially liberal. Theologically orthodox.
Liturgically sacramental. Hermeneutically
creative. Temperamentally ecumenical.

Matthew Kaemingk
Professor | Theology, Ethics, and Culture |
Fuller Seminary.
Christian politics and Muslim immigration.

Miroslav Volf
Jessica’s husband, Nathanael’s,
Aaron’s and Mira’s dad. Author of
*Flourishing: Why We Need Religion
in a Globalized World.*

Natalia Imperatori
Catholic theologian, professor, feminist.
Cuban-American mom in NYC. Church nerd, cross-stitcher.

Norman Wirzba
Prof. @DukeDivinity
Author, Food and Faith

Queer Theology
Inspiration, encouragement, & community
for #LGBTQ #Christians & straight,
cis supporters bc we have more to offer
the world than what we are not #QueerTheology

Randy Woodley
Married w/4 children, Native American
(Keetoowah), Spiritual, farmer, professor,
activist, writer, Ph.D. Intercultural Studies

Scot McKnight
Professor @nseminary

Serene Jones
President and Johnston Family Professor
of Religion and Democracy at @UnionSeminary.
Proud mother. Fierce theologian.

Therese Lysaught
theologian • mission & bioethics •
@LoyolaBioethics & IPS • connecting
Catholic Bioethics and Social Justice •
#CBSJ • unmasking neoliberalism’s invisible grip

Wil Gafney
Womanist Hebrew Bible scholar|
professor|priest|vet No: biblical illiteracy|
white supremacy|patriarchy #BriteBible Books:
#DaughtersOfMiriam #WomanistMidrash

Women In Theology
A shared blog by academically
trained women theologians who
write from a Christian ecumenical
and often feminist perspective.


What other theologians 
would you add to this list?

(Use the comments below or Tweet us @ERBks)


C. Christopher Smith is the founding editor of The Englewood Review of Books. He is also author of a number of books, including most recently How the Body of Christ Talks: Recovering the Practice of Conversation in the Church (Brazos Press, 2019). Connect with him online at:

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  8. Thanks for sharing this list! Hope it serves to reflect the vibrancy of the #GoodNews in these times of change.

  9. Kevin Ahern

  10. David Deane Sterling credentials. This Irish theologian has spent time in the US and now lives in Canada. I don’t agree with everything but, as a Catholic, I would follow only him, if I had to choose only one.