Video: Wendell Berry Reading Poems from LEAVINGS [Vol. 4, #12.5]

June 10, 2011 — 1 Comment


Two great videos of Wendell Berry that I discovered recently:

Reading poems from Leavings
(One of our best books of 2009… Read our review.)

Talking about the basics of his economics.
(Read our review of What Matters? One of our best books of 2010).

  • Adamssusanr

    Chris, thanks for posting these 2 videos of Wendell Berry. I have been re-reading Jayber Crow this week and it is a treat to hear Wendell’s voice speaking so wisely. nOf course, I would gladly listen to Wendell Berry read from the phone book, but to hear him read his poetry is gravy!nSusanu00a0