Poem: Liberty Hyde Bailey “Goods” [Vol. 1, #36]

September 18, 2008


Another poem from a long-lost volume of poetry
by Liberty Hyde Bailey (See issue #29 for another of Bailey’s poems.)



I sat at midnight in the woods

   When the darks were far and deep,

When all my kin had housed their goods

    And had fallen dead asleep.


A whisper moved above my ears

     As if slender rain-drops fell,  

A feeling of a thousand years

     From the whence I could not tell.


A something stirs within those woods

     A spirit remote and fine,  

And all my kin may have their goods

     For the deep old glooms are mine.

(from LH Bailey Wind and Weather, originally published 1916,
reprint forthcoming Oct. 2008 from Doulos Christou Press).