Marci Rae Johnson – Jesus Cleanses a Leper [Poem]

January 5, 2016



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Marci Rae Johnson

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Jesus Cleanses a Leper
Marci Rae Johnson

When the music started everyone knew
what to do but me, at the edge
of the crowd my half-shuffle wanting
to raise my hands in the air
like I just didn’t care about the next
big thing, the emails and texts, those
miracle machines they say Jesus
doesn’t need. When he came down
from the balcony everyone could see
his white teeth and billowing hair,
the disco pants, his boots against
the stair, and the song changed
ah-ah-ah-ah stayin’ alive, stayin’
alive, the throng pulsing like a living
beast and I chose like anyone would
for him to make me clean. He stretched
out his hand, the emerald ring, and he
didn’t ask why and I didn’t say.
But what I wanted was to feel
the next time she broke my heart,
scratched her wicked nails across
my chest and scored the skin.


© Marci Rae Johnson, 2016
Reprinted with the permission of the poet