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Ten Theology Books to Watch For – June 2021

Here are some excellent new theology books * that will be released in June 2021:

* broadly interpreted, including ethics, church history, biblical studies, and other areas that intersect with theology

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The Deepest Belonging: A Story about Discovering Where God Meets Us

Kara Root

Fortress Press

Where does God meet us in this life? Rooting Christian faith in joy, freedom, and trust that God interacts with us in this life, The Deepest Belonging: A Story of Discovering Where God Meets Us invites readers to walk through surprising doorways–weakness, vulnerability, smallness, rest, and honesty–into a new perspective of the Christian life and the role of the pastor.

Kara Root draws wisdom from three compelling stories, all about finding freedom on the other side of fear. In one thread, Marty, a member of the small congregation Root serves, learns that he is dying. In the second, Root finds that her once-invincible faith of assurance and answers collapses.

These stories come together in a third, when the congregation does a unique and counterintuitive thing: it commissions Marty to a “ministry of dying.” By embracing instead of fleeing death, Marty, this community, and Root herself are infused with life through shared experiences of God. They learn to be vulnerable and brave. They discover–again and profoundly–an unguarded faith of wondering and watching for God’s presence.

This is a book for all pastors and church leaders, as well as for those disillusioned with Christianity and the church and longing for something more real and honest. It explores questions such as: How does God meet us? What is church for? What is a pastor? What does it mean to be truly human?

The Deepest Belonging is a call not to resist but to embrace our vulnerability. As a move away from religion seeking security, protection, and influence, this story invites individuals and congregations to return bravely to the core of our humanity: our belonging to God and one another.



The Art of Indigenous Inculturation: Grace on the Edge of Genius

Antonio Sison

Orbis Books

“This breathtakingly beautiful, scholarly, and thought-provoking book is basically about one thing: doing justice to the incarnation. It is the doctrine that confesses not only that God became human, but that God became flesh, became material, thereby signifying the holiness of all God’s creation. It is with this conviction that Antonio Sison embarks on a quest to ‘midwife’ the ‘indigenous inculturation’ present in a triptych of images from the ‘folk Catholic imaginary’ in Nairobi in Kenya, Chicago in the United States, and Manila in the Philippines. His purpose is, with a rich hermeneutic of suspicion, generosity, and serendipity, to bring the edges of theologizing to the center. In doing so, however, he reveals to us that, instead of a new theological hegemony (marginal replacing the center), the edges are actually the center.”—From the Foreword by Stephen B. Bevans, SVD

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