Ten Theology Books to Watch For – January 2020

Here are some excellent theology books * that will be released in January 2020 :

* broadly interpreted, including ethics, church history, biblical studies, and other areas that intersect with theology

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Habakkuk before Breakfast: Liturgy, Lament, and Hope

Brian Walsh

Wipf and Stock

“Habakkuk Before Breakfast is like no other book on the prophet. That’s because it is, itself, prophecy – and poetry, and preaching, and prayer, and liturgy, and lament, and a dozen other things melded together into a powerful, and powerfully disturbing, whole. A book to shake us up and make us realize that God’s loving justice is the only firm on which anyone—or any society—can stand.”    —N.T. Wright

Bargain Theology Books

Theology Books January 2020

Jesus Wasn’t Killed by the Jews: Reflections for Christians in Lent

Jon M. Sweeney, Editor

Orbis Books

The Passion narratives contain painful anti-Semitic tropes–particularly the Gospel of John, which is read world-wide every Holy Week. These readings have been used over the centuries to brand the Jewish people as “Christ-killers” and to justify discrimination and violence. Here, religious scholars and writers address the historical, theological, and exegetical considerations to be addressed by every Christian in order to move beyond this toxic history. Contributors include Walter Brueggemann, Mary Boys, Richard Lux, Wes Howard-Brook, Massimo Faggioli, Bishop Richard J. Sklba, Greg Garrett, and Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso.

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