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Ten Theology Books to Watch For – August 2022

Here are some excellent new theology books * that will be released in August 2022

* broadly interpreted, including ethics, church history, biblical studies, and other areas that intersect with theology

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A Christian Theology of Science: Reimagining a Theological Vision of Natural Knowledge

Paul Tyson

(Baker Academic)

An author on the cutting edge of today’s theology and science discussions argues that creedal Christianity has much to contribute to the ongoing conversation. This book contains an intellectual history of theology’s engagement with science during the modern period, critiques current approaches, and makes a constructive proposal for how a Christian theological vision of natural knowledge can be better pursued. The author explains that it is good both for religion and for science when Christians treat theology as their first truth discourse. Foreword by David Bentley Hart.

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Eastern Orthodoxy and the Science-Theology Dialogue

Christopher C. Knight

(Cambridge UP)

This Element examines the science-theology dialogue from the perspective of Eastern Orthodox Christianity and provides a critique of this dialogue based on six fundamental aspects of that theology: (i) Its understanding of how philosophy may authentically be used in the theological task; (ii) Its understanding of the use and limitations of scientific and theological languages; (iii) Its understanding of the role of humanity in bringing God’s purposes to fulfilment; (iv) its sense that material entities should be understood less in materialist terms than in relation to the mind of God; (v) Its Christological focus in understanding the concept of creation; (vi) Its sense that the empirical world can be understood theologically only when the ‘world to come’ is taken fully into account. It is argued that Orthodoxy either provides an alternative pan-Christian vision to the currently predominant one or, at the very least, provides important new conceptual insights.

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