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St. Augustine – Best Books on His Life and Work

St. Augustine Best Books

This week marked the birthday of St. Augustine (b. 354 CE) — one of the church’s most heralded theologians. Although hundreds of books have been written on his life and work, we offer this list of our picks for the best books out there…


 *** What books on St. Augustine would you add to this list?


The Monastic Rules

St. Augustine

This volume brings together three Augustine scholars of international reputation Gerald Bonner, George Lawless, O.S.A., and Sr. Agatha Mary, S.P.B. in a rare collaborative effort to present St. Augustine’s highly influential Rule to a wide audience. Lawless, who has already published a major book on the Rule, offers a stimulating foreword that discusses the work’s literary genre. Bonner, whose St. Augustine of Hippo: Life and Controversies is an acclaimed study, has written two chapters, one on the controversy regarding Augustine’s authorship of the various rules attributed to him and the other on the spirit of the Rule. Sr. Agatha Mary, finally, translates the Rule and several other related documents.The Monastic Rules of St. Augustine is a model of clarity in its approach to a complex subject, and it succeeds admirably in being satisfying on both the scholarly and the spiritual level.

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  1. What about Lane Fox’s biography?

  2. Augustine and the Catechumenate by Harmless is one of my favorites!

  3. I would add Augustine and the Jews by Paula Fredriksen.