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Robert Farrar Capon Books – An Intro Reading Guide

Robert Farrar Capon Books

This week marks the 95th birthday of the late Episcopal priest, chef, and author, Robert Farrar Capon.  In honor of the occasion, we offer this introductory reading guide to some of the best Robert Farrar Capon books.

Robert Farrar Capon (October 26, 1925 – September 5, 2013) was an American Episcopal priest, author and chef.  A lifelong New Yorker, for almost thirty years, Capon was a full-time parish priest in Port Jefferson, New York. In 1965, he published his first book, Bed and Board, and in 1977 he left the full-time ministry to devote more time to his writing career.  Capon described himself in the introduction to one of his books as an “old-fashioned high churchman and a Thomist to boot.” One of Capon’s primary themes is the radical grace of God. (via Wikipedia)
*** READ his NY Times obituary.

We’ve ordered this list in the order that we think these Robert Farrar Capon books should be read, and included excerpts of most the books via Google Books.

Robert Farrar Capon Books

1) The Supper of the Lamb: A Culinary Reflection 


By far this is Robert Farrar Capon’s most read book… From a passionate and talented chef who also happens to be an Episcopalian priest comes this surprising and thought-provoking treatise on everything from prayer to poetry to puff pastry. In The Supper of the Lamb, Capon talks about festal and ferial cooking, emerging as an inspirational voice extolling the benefits and wonders of old-fashioned home cooking in a world of fast food and prepackaged cuisine. This current edition includes the original recipes and a new Introduction by Deborah Madison, the founder of Greens Restaurant in San Francisco.

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