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Nijay Gupta – The New Testament Commentary Guide

New Testament Commentary GuideA Helpful Resource for Students of Scripture

The New Testament Commentary Guide
Nijay Gupta

Paperback: Lexham Press, 2020.
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As helpful as this guide is, it would be difficult to review in the traditional way that we do book reviews. So, I want to highlight a few sections of the book that I found particularly helpful, and then walk through the commentaries that Gupta recommends for one particular NT book (minus the explanatory text that Gupta offers for each commentary, you’ll have to read the book for that!).

The book’s introduction, consists of two parts, a brief guide on how to buy and use commentaries (which you can read for free in Amazon’s sample from the Kindle ebook), and an overview of the most important commentaries series. The first of these parts is extremely important, and I encourage you to read it, tackling such questions as how to use commentaries, and whether commentaries should be bought in sets.

At the heart of this guide, is a book-by-book tour of the New Testament with recommendations on commentaries that might be helpful for study of that book. (See the sample recommendations for Philippians below.)

The book wraps up with a concluding section that lists commentaries by women and people of color. I found this list to be especially helpful, although it will quickly become dated. I was surprised, for instance, that while this list contained several other volumes from the “Belief” series, it didn’t not include Willie Jennings’s commentary on Acts from that same series.

The New Testament Commentary Guide would make a great gift for your pastor or the seminary student on your Christmas list. (It is featured on our gift guide for Clergy Appreciation Month, which also could double as as Christmas gift guide for your pastor.)

Nijay Gupta’s Guide to
Philippians Commentaries:

Technical Commentaries:

Semi-Technical Commentaries:

Non-Technical Commentaries:

Hidden Gems:

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