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Mark Buchanan – God Walk [Brief Review]

Mark Buchanan God WalkTaking a Slower Pace

A Brief Review of

God Walk: Moving at the Speed of Your Soul
Mark Buchanan

Hardback: Zondervan, 2020
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Reviewed by Leslie Starasta

Walking is so ingrained as part of our everyday lives that we do not often stop to think about it. Mark Buchanan aims to change that in his book God Walk: Moving at the Speed of Your Soul.

God Walk contains 17 chapters that are divided into three sections which are aptly named Mile One, Two, and Three. The three miles comes from the first chapter which indicates “three miles an hour seems to be the pace God keeps. It’s God speed” (5). Each chapter focuses on a different kind of walk or different purpose for walking. Buchanan includes a combination of stories from his own life or lives of others, scripture references, and some references to other writings and research. At the end of each chapter. Buchanan includes a suggested devotional walk titled “God Speed” which has something to think about while taking an actual walk.

As walking is something that almost every reader has familiarity, God Walk by Mark Buchanan is accessible to all readers due to both the topic and the writing style. Buchanan uses a conversational tone while showing evidence of deep thinking about the topic as well as many miles walking out the content shared. As Buchanan emphasizes the need to physically engage in walking and provides specific instructions to take walks, God Walk is not a book to be read quickly but should be savored. Reading the book without engaging in the suggested walks will result in missing out on much of the wisdom Buchanan wishes to impart. Plan to read and engage in one chapter and walk a day or take a slower pace of one chapter and longer walk per week.

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Leslie Starasta

Leslie Starasta serves as the Information Services Librarian at Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL. She occasionally takes classes at Lincoln Christian Seminary in pursuit of an MDiv. Her interests include spiritual formation, theology, and world missions. Additional book reviews are available at Musings from Librarian Mom: (

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