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Jason DeParle – A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves [NPR Interview]

Jason DeParle interviewOne of the best new book releases of this week is:

A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves
One Family and Migration in the 21st Century
Jason DeParle

Hardback: Viking Books, 2019.
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Migration is changing the world–reordering politics, economics, and cultures across the globe. With nearly 45 million immigrants in the United States, few issues are as polarizing. But if the politics of immigration is broken, immigration itself–tens of millions of people gathered from every corner of the globe–remains an underappreciated American success. Expertly combining the personal and panoramic, DeParle presents a family saga and a global phenomenon. Ordinary and extraordinary at once, their journey is a twenty-first-century classic, rendered in gripping detail.

Listen to this superb interview with Jason DeParle
from NPR’s All Things Considered:



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