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January 4


Reading the Times: A Literary and Theological Inquiry into the News
Jeffrey Bilbro

Hardback: IVP Academic, 2021
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We must all attend to the news in some form or fashion, but too often we do so mindlessly, without any clear end in view. As Christians, what are we to make of this? How should followers of Jesus relate to the news? What theological ideas should shape our engagement with and response to current events? Or, put more simply: “What do we need to know to love our neighbors well?” These are the questions at the heart of Jeffrey Bilbro’s essential new book, Reading the Times: A Literary and Theological Inquiry in the News.

At just under 200 pages, Bilbro’s book is a practical, yet theologically rich exploration of the news that would benefit pastors and laypeople alike. We Christians are, after all, people with urgent news to share: Christ has died, Christ is risen, and Christ will come again. This is the News that must inform how we read and interpret the news. Bilbro has written a resource that will be invaluable for the church as we seek to move forward faithfully in a news-saturated, divided world.


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