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Frederick Buechner – Intro Reading Guide to His Books

Frderick Buechner Books

This week marked the 91st birthday of pastor and novelist Frederick Buechner.  In honor of the occasion, we offer this introductory reading guide to his work.

We’ve ordered this list in the order that we think the books should be read, and we offer a brief explanation of why each book was included. We’ve included excerpts of most the books via Google Books.

6.  The Book of Bebb


The Book of Bebb is a novel tetralogy consisting of Lion Country (1971), Open Heart (1972), Love Feast (1974) and Treasure Hunt (1977). The tetralogy was then edited and published in one volume as The Book of Bebb (1979). The Bebb novels revolve around the figure of Leo Bebb, a clergyman with a shady past, and are narrated by his son-in-law, Antonio Parr. Timothy K. Jones notes that Buechner “did not flinch at depicting Bebb’s shady finances and sexual exhibitionism.”

W. Dale Brown argues that The Book of Bebb “continues with the questions dominating all of Buechner’s work: belief versus unbelief, the ambiguities of life, the nature of sin, human lostness, spiritual homesickness, the quest for self-identity, the need for self-revelation, the search for meaning, and the possibility of joy.”   (via Wikipedia)


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