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Doug Worgul – A Feast is Prepared – Buechner Institute Lecture [Video]

Doug Worgul - Thin Blue SmokeA recent lecture given at the Buechner Institute at King College (TN) by Doug Worgul, author of the superb novel:

Thin Blue Smoke: A Novel
Paperback: Burnside Books, 2012.
Buy now: [ Amazon ]  [ Kindle ]

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A Feast Is Prepared For All That May Come

“I think a person eating alone is more alone, more lonely, than a person doing other things alone. A person alone in their car is going somewhere, that’s all. Persons walking by themselves are exercising. Good for them. People reading books or watching television alone are relaxing. Lucky them. But people who are eating alone are, well, sad. They’re the alone-ist of alone. That’s because eating is meant to be done together, with other people, not alone. I believe that’s how God made us.”


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