Dec. 8 – Rachel Held Evans / Matthew Paul Turner – What is God Like? [Advent Calendar]

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December 8


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What is God Like?

Rachel Held Evans /
Matthew Paul Turner

Hardback: Convergent, 2021
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Just a warning: What Is God Like? is one of those books that can bowl over an unassuming grown-up during a read-aloud. From a child’s perspective, the collection of answers to that question are reassuring, fun, and relatable (“God is like a mother,” “God is like a father,” for example). And kids will be drawn to artist Ying Hui Tan’s colorful world even if Rachel Held Evans’s and Matthew Paul Turner’s similes are a bit beyond their comprehension (“God is like an eagle,” “God is like the wind”). Gentle, beautiful, inclusive words will work their way into grown-ups’ imaginations, too — all the more stunning in their simplicity. Evans’s fans will also recognize the same grace she displayed for spiritual wanderers in memoirs like Searching for Sunday is all over What Is God Like? It’s beautiful. Evans’s friend, Matthew Paul Turner, brought his own creative-writing genius to What Is God Like? The author of When God Made the World and When God Made You finished the book that Evans had begun working on a couple months before her death in May 2019.

 – Our Review by Contributing Editor Erin Wasinger

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