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The Congregation in a Secular Age:
Keeping Sacred Time against the Speed of Modern Life Paperback

Andrew Root

Paperback: Baker Academic, 2021
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This relentless pace [of Western society], and the diligent avoidance of confronting meaning that it demands, marks the experiences of too many of congregations today. To press the point even further, too many of our ecclesiological structures have willingly capitulated to secular modernity’s control of time and what makes life meaningful. Rather than confronting these realities, we surrender to them, by stuffing our congregational rhythms with more and more programs, or increasingly trying to “innovate,” and as a result, drive our communities directly into a congregational depression. Who can keep up? Or, who wants to keep up, if they can’t remember why they are trying to?

Andrew Root deserves to be recognized as one of our most important practical theologians, calling the church to a deeper understanding of the culture within which it disciples people “in participation with the life and ministry of this living God.” (207) For we truly do live in an age that yearns deeply for the fullness he describes, and that scripture points us towards in Christ. “We long to find a true fullness that draws us not through time, into some future, but more deeply into time itself. We long to live so deeply in time that we hear and feel the calling of eternity. We yearn to find once again the infinite in time, to find the sacred in the present, and therefore to be truly alive!” (169)

 – from our review by Joel Wentz
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