Dec. 4 – Wilda Gafney – A Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church [Advent Calendar]

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A Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church

Wilda Gafney

Paperback: Church Publishing, 2021
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Gafney dedicated her new lectionary “For those who have searched for themselves in the scriptures and did not find themselves in the masculine pronouns.” As one who often cannot find herself in the masculine pronouns of today’s liturgical offerings, I am profoundly grateful for this beautiful, scholarly rendition of texts I have loved since childhood even if I didn’t always see myself in them.
As I — and many women and men like me — mature in contemporary consciousness, too many lectionary selections no longer adequately convey God’s dynamic, eternally relevant Word. Instead they risk becoming a painful countersign to the Holy One in whose image all of us are made. …
Of one thing I feel quite certain: Gafney’s paradigm-shifting scholarship will influence biblical preaching and teaching for generations to come.


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