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When Everything’s on Fire:
Faith Forged from the Ashes

Brian Zahnd

Hardback: IVP Books, 2021
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“ ‘The theologian who writes about God but never utters Oh, God in prayer is not a theologian I’m interested in,’ says Brian Zahnd. And I find Brian to be a very interesting pastor-theologian indeed! His well-tuned heart resonates with the hope that comes from having lived a thoughtful, prayerful, and intellectually and emotionally engaged life of encounter and reencounter with God—oh, God—in the beauty of Jesus Christ. Brian invites the singed and weary, those who find it hard to believe, to get rid of the smell of a smoky world and church afire with fickle fundamentalisms, empty modernist promises, and faithlessness to come. Come and be renewed in God’s consuming fire, fully aware of the risk and wonder, starts and restarts, passion and stillness, humility and ‘house remodeling’ that come with it. If your faith is thin, if you’ve placed trust in what has proven to be untrustworthy, if you’re wondering if it’s still possible to be a Christian in the current fiery melee of the world, the church, and your own head and heart, come stand with Brian. This wise and tender friend will speak to you, with you, and for you, having first listened to and asked your questions in the company of philosophers, artists, writers, scientists, Scripture writers, and the very subject of Scriptures himself—and found those questions honored, upended, and reordered to the bright mystery of Christ Jesus. If you stand there long enough, you will find yourself enfolded by Jesus’ first and last word over you, which is not righteous certitude, paper-thin apologetic, or religious sentiment but blazing, resurrected love.”

  • Cherith Fee Nordling, sessional professor of theology, Regent College


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