Brief Reviews, VOLUME 2

Brief Review: Emmanuel Kolini by Mary Weeks Millard [Vol. 2, #42]

A Brief Review of

Emmanuel Kolini: The Unlikely Archbishop of Rwanda.
Mary Weeks Millard.

Paperback: Authentic Media, 2009.
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Reviewed by Laretta Benjamin.

I would have to ashamedly admit that I’ve not read too many biographies over the course of my life.  I’m not really sure why that is.  I love hearing the stories of others’ lives, it just seems I’ve always found other things I’d rather be reading.

This very simply written story of the life of the present day archbishop of Rwanda absolutely captivated me (I read it in an evening).  I suppose part of that might be because of my interest in the events of the Rwandan genocide and the present-day restoration and reconciliation that is taking place there (ed: Laretta reviewed Catherine Larson’s book As We Forgive earlier this year) and also because of my heart for the continent of Africa – the incredible beauty, resources and creativity displayed everywhere, but also its staggering history of abuse and violence and sorrow.

As we follow the events of his life, we are given an incredible picture of life in Rwanda, the Congo and Uganda in this past century.  His story is one of incredible hope, perseverance and commitment to His Creator.  His life is a call to the church of Jesus Christ – a call to love and care and live out the gospel.

What else can I say?  This was a great book and I highly recommend it!


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